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Extract Multiple File Properties Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to extract file properties from one or more files such as Attributes, Name, Short Name, Version, Date Created, Date Last Accessed, Date Last Modified, Drive, Parent Folder, Size, Path, Short Path.

Messer  v.0.992

This program with the short name 'Messer' performs very useful functions. It is a 'smile' recorder. If you just have to record a song, your speech or something else, use manual recording switched off the scheduler.


AnyChart Stock Chart Component  v.1.0

AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts (short name:AnyStock) is an XML/JSON Flash based financial charting solution.

EXtremecode ASP.Net Generator  v.10 6

eXtremecode Generator (short name eX Generator ) is simply a tool which takes a collection of database connections as an input and produce a well-formed Application. eX Generator consists of two applications. One application is eXtremecode

HDConvertToX  v.3.0.694.4644

HDConvertToX (or HDC as short name) is an software aimed for converting high definition movie (from bluray or hd-dvd), or hdrip to divx rip or NMT (as Popcorn Hour or WD HD TV) players.HDC is able to convert any kind of movie, from avi, mkv,

FlipBookMaker PDF Reader(freeware)  v.1.0

FlipBookMaker PDF (the short name of Portable Document Format and can be read and opened on all operation systems) Reader enables users to download to users without any payment and registration.

ChangeShortName  v.1.3

ChangeShortName is an easy-to-use utility that does the dirty work involved in changing the short name of a user's account in Mac OS X (versions 10.

Kambi VRML game engine  v.3.0.1

The "Kambi VRML game engine" is renamed to "Castle Game Engine" (short name castle-engine).

Expired Domain Names Pro

Tap into expired domain names -- and grab yourself a great-sounding domain name, with existing targeted traffic, for just a few bucks! Download your copy of the program ALL the expired domain names sites use. Includes a scan-and-surf expired domain

DOSname  v.1.0.1

DOSname is a small program that gets you the DOS form of a specified path or file. If you occasionally need to get the (short) form of a path or filename, this tool comes to help.

AtFinger  v.1.0

AtFinger is a terrific timesaver which you will use hundreds of times a day to access your most often used folders, applications and favorite web sites. With AtFinger you can easily define shortcuts key to access quickly to Folders, Web sites or any

Raw Image Viewer  v.

View and convert CR2 image files. Raw Image Viewer is a convenient, tiny software designed to easily open, convert, resize and save CR2 image files. Exporting is available in JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and others file images extensions,

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